Pilates Duets

Duets (2-person sessions) are a great way to experience many of the benefits of personal training, with a partner, at a reduced rate.

Duet sessions are a good fit for you if:

  • You and your partner are of similar levels and have similar fitness goals.
  • You and your partner have similar schedules and both plan on consistent session attendance.

Duet sessions are not for you if:

  • You are recovering from an injury or you have a physical condition or limitation that requires specialized attention and care.
  • You travel and / or you foresee your attendance being irregular.


  • 3 Private One-on-One Sessions OR
  • 10 (recent) Pilates Group Classes

Please call the studio for additional information about duet sessions. We do not match duet partners up and ask that you come with your own partner.

questions about pilate duets?

our most frequently asked questions

Can you find a duet partner for me?

We do not match duet partners up and ask that you come to us with your own partner. On occasion, we will match duet partners up with our current and longtime private or group class clients. It is not possible for us to safely and effectively match up students we have not worked with. If you’re a current client at Pilates Heights and are interested in finding a duet partner, please contact us with your full availability and level/goals.

How do I handle scheduling and cancellation of a duet appointment?

We ask that each partner consult with each other first about their schedules and then contact us in the office via phone or email to schedule or reschedule. We request that duet partners discuss any schedule changes with each other before contacting the studio – cancellations or rescheduling. If one partner needs to early cancel a session (24 hours notice or more without charge), the other has the choice to keep the time slot and pay for a private session or early cancel as well. Please make sure that you and your partner have decided what each of you will be doing before contacting the studio with an early cancellation. Please understand that the studio views duets as a unit. Late cancellations for duets (less than 24 hours notice) are charged to both students.

What makes for a good duet partnership?*

Similar schedules, commitment to a weekly schedule and similar fitness level & goals. A duet Pilates session consists of two compatible partners being taught a Pilates lesson simultaneously. Similar goals or physical abilities are helpful in getting the most out of a duet Pilates session. If one or both of you travel for work frequently and/or has an erratic schedule, we do not recommend duet training. Private sessions might be a better way to go in this case. A duet session is also very tailored like a private session. However, the time is shared between the two clients and the exercises chosen are those that benefit both bodies.

*A private session may be recommended before beginning duets. Private sessions may be recommended if a student’s well-being would be better served in an individual setting.

How is duet payment handled?

Duet partners are required to purchase their own packages and sharing a package is not permitted. We suggest that you purchase the same type of duet package at the same time, so that you renew or complete at the same time.

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Duets (2-person sessions) are a great way to experience many of the benefits of personal training, with a partner, at a reduced rate.

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I was interested in trying pilates for years, but as an avid yogi I wasn’t sure I would have time for both. I have learned many of the benefits of pilates and truly believe it has enhanced my yoga practice. Now I definitely make time for both!


Pilates has been the missing link for me in total fitness. It has enabled me to improve my yoga practice, cycling, running and even just standing and walking. Pilates has taught me immensely about my anatomy and how to use all the right components (especially breathing!) to build a stronger core but more importantly a healthier body. I truly feel that Pilates has united my mind and body and simply stated, I look and feel better.


After my C-Section, I could barely touch my toes. Pilates helped me regain my strength and feel good about my body again.