Group Mat & Springboard Classes

Mat work is the heart of the Pilates program and can be a lot of fun in a group setting.

We offer 6-person mixed level Springboard and Mat classes at Pilates Heights. Most of our group classes are designed for continuing students unless specified otherwise. Mat work is the heart of the Pilates program and can be a lot of fun in a group setting. Pilates mat exercises focus on strengthening the muscles of the trunk and hip (core) while increasing overall flexibility of both the spine and hips. A Pilates springboard consists of a plywood board attached to the wall, complete with the springs from a Pilates Cadillac. One of the great benefits of the springboard is the ability to change the tension to suit each client and each exercise. From an instructor’s perspective, the springboard is a terrific tool for integrating the limbs into the body, challenging the core and building strength in the hips and shoulder girdle. The variety of exercises is limitless. In addition to using exercises from the Cadillac, it’s easy to modify and enhance traditional mat exercises.

So Where Should I Begin?
If you are new to Pilates we recommend beginning with a private session Intro Series before joining a group.

You may find that in the beginning, taking a few private sessions will further your progress along by increasing your overall body awareness. First sessions are designed to discover your unique goals, strengths and limitations.

From there, there are several ways to go depending on your specific needs and goals. Some students stick with weekly private sessions primarily. Others combine small group classes with their private sessions. Others take multiple group classes per week. Talk with your trainer about what’s the best approach for you.

However you chose to get started, your body will thank you and we will be delighted to welcome you into the Pilates Heights community. There is no better time to begin than now.

questions about group sessions?

our most frequently asked questions

How big are the classes?

Our group Pilates classes have up to six students in each class, allowing for focused and distraction-free attention.

Can I take a group class if I’m new?

We recommend starting with a series of private sessions if you are brand new to Pilates, or if you’ve taken an extensive break. Occasionally, we offer group class Intro Series and this is a great way to start as well. It may seem counterintuitive, but you will get more bang for your buck starting with private sessions before moving to mixed-level group classes. And more, it’s safer. Starting with a handful of private sessions will allow you to correctly embody how the exercises should be performed as well as any modifications that might be needed for your body. If you choose to do group classes later, you will experience greater benefits from the exercises and sequences by applying proper technique as well as any personal modifications needed to prevent possible injury. Check our new client private intro specials here.

Do you have reformer classes?

We use Pilates springboards, matwork & props for our small group classes. We do have reformers in our studio, for private and duet (2-person) sessions, but we do not have reformers available for our group classes.

How long are your group classes?

55 minutes.

Will there be music?

No, we do not play music during our Pilates classes.

How do I sign up for a group class?

Due to the small size of our classes, we encourage you to schedule your group class reservations ahead of time online. Group class reservations can be made up to 15 days in advance of each class and online registration closes 30 minutes before the start of a class. If a class is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist and we will notify you if you get in! Click here to see the weekly class schedule and to register.

What We Also Offer

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Small Group Pilates Mat & Springboard Classes

Mat work is the heart of the Pilates program and can be a lot of fun in a group setting.

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Pilates Heights is a neighborhood gem and more!

The bright, upstairs studio is small, but they have all the equipment you could want or need. More importantly, they have excellent instructors

-senga d.

Awesome! Great group of teachers. I have joint a couple of years ago. Had to stop a few month for personal reasons and missed the weekly sessions greatly.
Finally back and starting to feel strong again.

-lucia f.

I came here once a week for about a year after a car accident left me with a lot of back pain. Elizabeth was a great instructor and was so consistently kind.
This studio is such a nice part of a nice neighborhood!

-sara l.